Monday, April 6, 2009

Some time in the sandbox...

With John gone until Tuesday, I had my whole weekend to do what I pleased - which of course meant spending time with horse people! The warm, clear weather was a very welcome break from the bleakness of the last couple weeks (although today the weather gods are letting us know not to take it for granted by dumping rain!).

P-man had lesson #2 with Steven on Saturday morning, and definitely didn't disappoint. Because of the weather, I hadn't jumped him at all since the previous lesson, but felt like it'd be alright since the training level height fences are starting to feel very small! All we did this week was basically refresh the exercises from last time, and many of our problem points are already fading quickly into the distance. The thing we are finding is that poor P-man gets bored very quickly with things, so there's going to be a very fine line between keeping his interest and overfacing him here in the next couple of months.

So with a plan of action for the next couple of weeks (that included bigger jumping - yay!), I pulled out of the Falcon Park drive and onto a busy weekend of teaching lessons...

Because of the weather, many of my regular lessons have been a bit hit-or-miss, so we were sure to take advantage of the nice weekend and cram them all in - which meant alot of time in the sandbox for me! I love that I don't have to make a living off my teaching career, because it means I can really enjoy it for what it is and spend extra time here and there really figuring out where problems are or where we need to focus. Every horse and rider that I instruct lets me learn something from them. I'm pretty upfront about not knowing all the answers and I'm very open to rethinking what I originally told someone if the plan isn't working.

1 plus 2 may not equal 3 with these crazy 4 legged beasts - but discovering how it all riddles out sure is fun!

Cold weather on its way here after the rain, so it looks like things won't be very good for riding my last week before Vegas/Lexington. Hopefully we'll get in one more lesson with Steven because P-man has his vacation time!

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