Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crick,Crackle, Pop!

I've never known P-man to not have a bit of stiffness and soreness is some places. I got him after he ran in circles for FOUR (count 'em 1,2,3,4) years and he has VERY clean legs... just a bit creaky at times. There's nothing that I've ever found to be actually wrong, but I always try my best to make sure he stays feeling good -- hence my hard earned money going toward his every want and need...

About 9 months ago, I was introduced to Dr. Libby ENgel of Carolina Animal Chiropractic and she has been my go-to chiro every since then. She did an intense bought of 3 sessions in a row and then moved P-man over toa once every 3 months schedule. Every time she's had less and less to adjust, and this morning she came out and he had just a few minor maintanence issues -- and that's it! For once his pelvis held where it should, she said that was thanks to his strengthening work. Always nice to know my pony feels good!

That being said, maybe he's feeling a bit too good, as he had to have a bit of a come-to-Jesus ride last night. Apparently grass, dirt, trailers, water buckets, people, gravel and cars are all very scary and should not be taken lightly. After having an Easter Egg Hunt for where P-man left his brain, we ended up the ride quite nicely, and had another decent flat/canter ride this morning.

I do love that pony - even though he may be a bit SM.

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