Monday, June 22, 2009

The End of an Era...

"No one on the corner have swagga' like us..."

I may be a pack rat.

There, I've said it, accepted it, and I've moved on. I'm not sure if this is has come about because I treasure things so dearly that I can't image stepping into the stirrup without my old-reliable equipment, or if it's because I've lived for so long in forced frugal-ness that I can't pull out that credit card until it's absolutely necessary.

Before I left for World Cup/Rolex, I threatened to toss my long-past-their-time-of-service half chaps out into the garbage, forcing myself to not come home without a new pair. However, I thought better of it and kept them. They no longer have elastic below my boot, the broken zipper pulls have been replaced by a bottle-opener on a key chain, and have been wet, dry, clean, dirty, sweaty, etc... more times then I can count.

The same can be said for my saddle and dressage coat. The saddle has had the seat replaced (twice), the kneerolls redone, the billets replaced and currently has a crooked flap, panels that are only being held on by 3 stitches, and plastic piping sliding out from the front seam. My dressage coat, originally sewn by my mother when I was in High School, has some stitching problems itself, but I LOFF them!

And now they have all been retired.

Last week I lived like a kid in a candy store with my custom chaps and saddle arriving (thank you ThinLine!) and a sweet Navy Dressage coat (from mom) that was 60% off on Tack-of-the-Day! Not to shabby -- I may look professional yet!

Nothing like new swagger to encourage me to leg P-man back up after his VACA. (which he is coming back nicely from, BTW).

Fun stuff, eh? I'm off to do 'work' by making ThinLine stirrup pad prototypes! Gotta love a job where my getting-ready-for-work routine this morning included tracking down an extra pair of stirrup irons.

Focus forward!


Veronica Lodge said...

That's the saddle? Looks like it is as nice as you said!

Cass said...

It's great! I can crank my 36" inseam legs into wicked short stirrups or leave them a bit longer for flat-work and it's equally as comfortable. Really nice balance over fences and in the gallop... I LOVE it! Really nice leather too!