Monday, July 13, 2009

Blast from the Past...

Nothing like spending the weekend with the people that made you to make you in a good mood. Unfortunately these weekends are way too few and far between seeing as my parents are located 13 hours away from our home in North Carolina.

First let me say (as I have before) how astonishing it is to watch my mom work a horse. It frustrates me to ride in front of her because I feel like I rely on her too much, but to watch her work a horse is amazing in itself. She gives the horses these buttons - like "hey pay attention, this is how you do it" kind of buttons. Amazing, that's all I can say.

Other then that, can I mention how P has the worst/best timing in the whole world? He somehow sensed my mom's arrival and kindly pulled off half his shoe (actually, broke off the nails) on Friday as she arrived. Lovely, eh? I did get to ride him for a moment with his foot all wrapped up securely, just so she could see him go round. He'll get a whole new set of Nike's Friday so it looks like a week of stretching and ground work for the P-man. Oh, and he got cracked back into alignment this morning by the magic woman, Dr. Engle after a quick massage done my Grandma Sitton (aka my mom). He loves all the attention for sure!

Completely off topic, but we are FINALLY getting some rain here in North Carolina. If I weren't currently smack-dab in the Hood of Durham, I'd break out in a raindance for sure!

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