Monday, September 21, 2009

I guess I didn't worry enough...

In my family, we have a running joke about "worrying properly." My mom is a big worry-er, and my dad will say, "Let me do the worrying, you take a break." She'll always reply that he doesn't worry properly.

Well apparently I didn't worry properly.

After last weekends big success, I went into this weekend worrying about certain things. I worried about the long drive to Aiken with my little truck, I worried about Prophet traveling well, I worried about the cross country course. yada yada yada.

I got to Aiken just fine, took P-man out for a hack where he was very good. I then proceeded to get lost on the way to the hotel (and I didn't even have to make a turn - NO turn, and I managed to get lost for 30 minutes!).

The next morning I was surprising relaxed. Hardly any feelings of puking! :)

P-man put in a workman-like dressage test considering the loose horse beside the ring as we started our test. I walked the cross country course, which looked quite easy - nice and galloping.

Then came stadium...

Being alone, I had no one to set fences for me in warm up, which means P-man put on his big-boy pants and warmed up over 3'9" fences! He was jumping out of his skin a bit, but jumping surprisingly well - if not a bit exuberant! I went in the ring, not realizing that they had to completely replace a jump that a horse before me had destroyed. Hanging around the ring for 5-10 minutes didn't do us any favors, and when we started on course, he hit the second rail (royally pissing him off). He then spent the next 7 fences jumping HUGE... and I did exactly what I shouldn't have done which was continually pick and pick, shortening his frame rather than riding forward. He cantered up to the triple line, jumping HUGE in over the oxer, and I proceeded to do a very graceful dismount (I think would have definitely scored a 10, as I stuck it perfectly). I was still holding the reins of my very confused horse!

I led him out of the arena, jumped a few fences in warm up which he was fine with, and proceeded to pack up my stuff.

I pulled out of the show grounds and promptly missed my road, which was ok, because I wanted to go to the gas station anyway. Too bad I could hear my trailer tire hissing air when I pulled in! 2 hours later, a very nice repair guy, and Thank the Lord for US Rider, I was on the road again, and finally made it home (7.5 hours after leaving the show grounds), with a very travel weary pony.

Yesterday I volunteered at a lovely dressage show before teaching lessons. It was great to see so many people enjoying their horses!

AND Ethel the Donkey at WhinScott Farm (where I teach) had her baby! We were the first to see it! I'll post picture of the donkey later, but it definitely provided some much needed comic relief after the taxing, long weekend!

Prophet and I have plans to jump BIG over the next couple of weeks so we can get a bit more comfortable at that level before The Ark on October 10th. We should be good to go!

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