Monday, December 21, 2009

Updates a' plenty

Apparently the rain hasn't taken the hint that I don't want to see it any more, and just won't leave... and with the rain has come my lack of updates, for which I do apologize!

Things at C-Horse have been zooming right along, with several things in the works for 2010 that I'll be very happy to report (I hope!) once they materialize!

P-man is in semi-work, and quite full of it! He feels great, and if only the ground would cease being a sloppy mess, we could get down to some real work. All in good time, I guess.

The C-Horse students haven't been slowed down at all by the rain. This weekend was an awesome little show at the fairgounds. Dressage / Flat class day was Saturday, with Nancy and Niki doing their first big-girl dressage test together, and the same for my new client (Nancy's sister, Lisa) and her mare Grace. Although the scores didn't reflect the joy experienced by everyone staying on and staying in the ring, we all had a blast (I think). What fun ladies (horses and people)!!

Maggie was next in her hunter on the flat classes, where she pulled off her first blue ribbon!!! She was riding better then ever, and I'm so proud she did so well! She continued the hot streak on Sunday for the over-fences division with two 3rd's out of a very competitive division. CONGRATS to her and Wiley!!!


Video and pics will be posted soon of everyone. I'm pretty sure everyone's cameras are just now unthawing from the cold!

AND I'm happy to report that I am nearly done Christmas shopping! Here's to hoping you all are almost done too!

Happy Holidays!


wilsonc said...

What lucky young ladies to have someone like you mentoring them. Trainers, riding instructors, friends...young people need that and appreciate that.

Cass said...

Thank you so much for those kind words! I truly enjoy every moment with my clients and their horses (even in those *iffy* times!). Happy Holidays to you!