Monday, February 22, 2010

Just another manic Monday

And I do wish it was Sunday!

I don't know about your weekend, but mine was awesome.

The weather was great, which always makes us feel better, right? Our horses are happier (sans blankies, even!), people are happier, shows don't have to be canceled, and I can teach all day long in a light long-sleeved shirt!

P went to Jordan Lake with me on Saturday and taught a lesson for me. :) I always enjoy watching other people ride him because it makes me realize what a nice horse I have! I was able to do a quick jump school on him afterward, where we had this funny problem that the jumps felt too small! I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but it'd definitely weird. After a quick trip home to throw him in the field, I was off to teach several more lessons, and finish the day.

In the meantime, C-Horse students, Sarah and Taylor, cleaned up at the JoCo winter-warm-up! So proud of them, with Sarah running the gambit from 1st-5th in VERY large classes and Taylor placing well in hers also. I hear that Sarah's horse, Arnie, amazed the crowd with his high-flying over the 18" hunter hack fences -- always the entertainer, he is. YOU GO GIRLS!

Sunday brought another great day for the C-Horse family, with Lisa winning her dressage class, and Nancy placing 3rd -- much improved from a couple months ago, for sure!

The great show was followed by a couple of awesome new clients, that I'm very happy to have joining the "team". They were my first lessons taught out at 5-County Stables, a beautiful facility in Zebulon, NC where I'll be teaching the Intro to Eventing Clinic in April (10th and 11th). I'm very excited to expand my teaching, and to welcome such great people and horses!

After a quick trip to the other side of town, and a couple more hours of standing in the sandbox, I then got to help separate the baby donkey, who, just a couple of months ago was so small, that we could carry him around. He was none-to-happy about being put in the roundpin, and entertained us for a bit with his running, bucking, etc... His mom, on the other hand, was a bit relieved to have her life back, and wasn't concerned in the least about the separation.

All in all, it was a great weekend, and now I'm looking forward to prepping this week for The Ark this weekend... lots of getting ready to be done!

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