Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where are we going and what's with this handbasket?

Starting last Monday morning, I was pretty stoked about having a weekend at home (no competition travel). I had these huge, well-laid plans about cleaning my truck/trailer/car/house, spending some real quality time with the Diddy/John/Ted/Puppies/etc... and scheduling a few lessons/rides in there.

Well, if you know me, you know I don't really hold still well and I'm pretty much moving at 1000 miles a minute or sleeping. Which also means that I tend to push my own personal plans aside in order to fit in others, so I pretty much stacked my weekend... and I mean stacked.

Lessons, rides, looking at horses, more lessons, more rides, a jump school on P (after he taught a lesson for me), and even a o'dark'30 hack on Sunday night.

And guess what? My trailer and truck still need cleaned, and my car has this faint smell of leather, horse sweat and possibly something else that I just can't place.

BUT I had a blast and LOVE being that busy. So, I'll probably continue to do roll with the punches, and pack my "weekend off" with crazy amounts of work.

This weekend we're off to the Southern Pines Horse Trials -- wicked good ride times, with my first ride (dressage) at 2:12, xc at 3:28, and the show jumping on Sunday. So glad to have the 'home event' with friends coming down to hang out -- should be a pretty good party!

Oh, and one more cool thing -- I'm blogging for the USEA about my Journey to the FENCE T3D, so check it out at www.useventing.com.

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