Friday, April 30, 2010

Luck of the four leaf clover kind...

This spring I came out with a new sort of drive. I want to commit myself to improving my horse and my riding, and become a bit more competitive in natural -- it's an ongoing quest, but so far, I've been pretty good at upping the standards for myself.

And I've also taken on a new tactic that I'm a bit apprehensive to share (secrets of success, ya know!). I've taken to only grazing Prophet on patches of clover, hoping he'll ingest as many of the four leaf plants as possible. My mom got the orders at the three-day when she took him to graze too, and so far it's been working-- I've had a pretty darned good run this spring!

Now with P coming back into work, he gets to spend some quality time in the backyard with his brother, Ted as they graze themselves (leadropes dragging). He seems especially drawn to the clover patches, and I've convinced myself it's because he wants good luck too, and not because clover just plain tastes good. :)

I'm pretty sure Diddy is excited to have a job again. He also likes having his after ride pampering sessions. His new favorite thing is this little hand-held vibrating back massager that lights up to glow bright pink. He must REALLY like it because he doesn't even spook from the glowing when I mess with him at night. :) Now I just need to find a massaging blanket for him that doens't cost $1000... any suggestions?


jacksonsgrrl said...

Thanks for sharing that secret! Do you think he may be ingesting a larger than usual amount of 4 leafs this spring? Perhaps they are more prolific in your part of the world! ROFL! Cool idea for the grazing and a great post!

Jen said...

I just love reading about yours and P's adventures! Had my first ever cross country school planned for Mother's Day, but my partner in crime decided to break her ankle yesterday. So I guess for now, I'll live vicariously through your blog! Although my aspirations for now are Beginner Novice;)