Monday, June 28, 2010

Now introducing....

Over the winter, I got a phone call from a good friend of mine (from my Middleburg days) who said her sister had this nice mare that needed someone to put some time on her. I got some pics of the mare and got to visit her at her home in Pennsylvania while I was there for the AETA trade show in February.

Finally at the end of April, the stars aligned and she was shipped down here for me to have a go at her. She arrived jet black, full of spunk, and in need of a bit of a program to settle into. She's been a pleasure to work with, because she's smart, witty and always lets me know what's on her mind.

Unfortunately, the North Carolina sun had taken a toll on her blackness, and she is a lovely shade of faded brown. She's also had to learn to come to terms with the bugs, heat and humidity - but she's done so with dignity and class (just as any lady should!).

Last weekend I decided to enter Story in a local hunter show. Never mind that we aren't totally balanced yet with our cantering or jumping... I figured it would just be for the experience. I had a bunch of clients showing (who all did fantastic!), so I was slightly worried Story would get frazzled being my puppy dog, running around with me from trailer to ring to warm-up, etc... but she held it together well, jumped all the jumps the first time, and wound up Champion of the Long Stirrup Division (and it was her first time jumping a course, second time jumping more then one jump in a row!!!!). What a good pony!

So now, without further Ado, I present Huntin' for a Story. More information on story can be found on the "Horses for Sale" page at

The beautiful photos were taken by Terre Wrenn.


Laura said...

Cool - what a nice looking mare! Looks like she has a lot of potential.

Dumb question (I've never been involved in the H/J world)...what are they judging for in the class you entered? Your equitation? Time? Hunter suitability? Just curious if you have time to give me a bit of a hint...

Cass said...

Hi Laura,

I actually don't do Hunters alot now, but used to when I was younger. There was an equitation over fences class (judged on me) and the other was judged on her (tempo, relaxation, jump style). This show was a small schooling show, so things aren't so serious (and the competition wasn't very fierce). In fact, my goal with her was just to have her get over all the fences the first time and build her confidence (since she'd only jumped about 5 times before this!).

Laura said...

Thanks for the explanation!