Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prophet got a shiner

You know when something dumb happens and you get hurt, and you think "man I wish I had a better story about what happened"... well here's my better story, so that Prophet can maintain his reputation as being nothing short than bad-ass....

There were these huge cougars roaming the woods behind Ted and Prophet's pasture, just waiting on a perfect time to creep out through the fence and pounce on the unsuspecting dogs of the neighborhood. Prophet could sense the cougars and the dogs could not, because, according to him, dogs are way more underdeveloped beings, not capable of such keen instincts. After waiting all day for the cougars to make their move, Prophet decided that he was going in to get them (not to save the dogs, of course, but rather so he could have one more bad-ass-ness point then Ted -- Prophet keeps count, Ted does not care). He put up a good fight, but in the process, got wacked in the face, making for one seriously swollen eye (like, HUGE swollen eye), and some other facial swellings. Not wanting to worry anyone, he casually continued about his day. As he sauntered towards the water trough (that his mom was filling) to get a refreshing drink of cool water, his mother spotted his elephantiasis face and begin to worry. "Don't worry mom, all in a day's work here at 'A Stone's Throw Farm'".

Good enough story to keep his ego intact, you think?

Really, Prophet must have royally pissed of some bees or other stinging creatures. His face looks much better this morning, but last night looked RIDICULOUS. He's on 2 more days of Benadryl, and has forgiven me for icing his face last night with frozen vegetables in a *gasp* plastic bag (if you didn't know, plastic bags are probably going to be what one days brings an end to the world, according to Diddy).

Unfortunately, the whole incident occurred just as the sun went down, so no good blackmail photos could be taken.

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