Monday, August 30, 2010

Can I get a "heck yeah" for little, local shows?

I grew up with a small local circuit of shows.  They were perfect for young riders, green horses, a few scary rounds, and a good hot dog.  The local show scene around the Triangle is just a bit different, but not lacking the good experience and good hot dogs!

Saturday Maggie Brooks and Sarah Edwards headed down to Pine Level, NC for one such local show.

Maggie was riding her new horse, Star, who I have seen be very naughty in the past (once when Maggie was showing her as a favor to me before the Brooks decided to by her).  Since then, Maggie has shown her once while I was out of town and Star had been MUCH better behaved.  after watching the videos from that show, I could see that now that we had the behavior issue under control, Maggie needed to push the envelop a bit more to get the best out of the mare.  We worked on it during her lesson Friday, and it transferred over to the show Saturday, with Maggie winning one class and receiving a 2nd, two 3rds, and a 5th.  Not a bad color scheme!

Sarah was riding her semi-new horse, Cocoa.  Cocoa came to the Edwards' family back in April, I think.  He has loads of talent, but is just a bit uneducated, and is a MUCH different ride then Sarah's last horse.  Because of all those factors, we've taken things a bit slow so that way Sarah can be confident and Cocoa can learn to CHILL.  And chill he did!  She jumped her over fences course exactly as we'd planned (trotting), and rode well in all the flat classes (once she found her way to the rail!!!!).  She ended up with a 3rd, a 4th, and I think a couple of other ribbons.


Good boy Snake Killer, and excellent riding, Sarah!

Star and Maggie's first Win!

Maggie and Star
Now it's off to Southern Pines for P and I this weekend for the 5-Points Horse Trials. More to report after then!

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