Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dream a little dream(er) for me....

So, yesterday was my birthday.  Aaaannnndddd, it's been rescheduled.  At some point around the middle of the day, as I sat on the bags of feed by myself, crying because my bloodhound turned UFC fighter had tried her hardest to break my noise, while my very naughty horse (P) was trying his hardest to prove how much he did not approve of having the new horse join him and Ted, I just decided that this was not birthday material.  I'd just *attempted* to take Prophet on a ride, in which he did some lovely moves that would have made the Spanish Riding School proud, and I got off mid-ride, and thought seriously for a moment there was a point that I would be run over by my suddenly 18.1 hand horse. Ugh.

But wait.... did I say new horse?  Why yes, yes I did. 'Dreamer' is a 6 year old Quarter Horse that just got too big to be a reiner.  He did the Futurity stuff a little bit when he was younger, but wasn't drilled to death, as he just kept growing!  Now, apparently riding a spin on him is slightly like turning the Titanic. But he does try very hard. About a month ago, I went and rode him for the first time (his first time in English tack!), and he was a star.  I have the video, and just need to find the time to post it, but really, I found myself cantering around and asked his (then) owner "Does he do changes?".  She said "oh, yeah" and I made way  across the diaganol, shifted my weight, and Ta-da! Flying change.  Same thing the other way.  What a cutie.

So, other then being a bit overweight at the moment, and in need of a new pair of Nike's, Dreamer has made his way to Cassidy-dressage land.  He is for sale, and I think he will make someone a super fun horse.  He's big and beautiful and black (until the NC sun gets ahold of him), and I'm excited to play with him until he finds a new home!

Here's some very poor camera-phone pics, but hopefully you can tell how stinkin' cut he is!!!

Notice Prophet in the background looking very angry and 'protecting' Ted

He's pretty darned cute!

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