Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long time... without time to blog!

So, I'm apologizing for being MIA.  I do have updates... lots of updates, but I promise that I have good reason for not keeping everyone in the loop - I got married!  Not that many things changed for me, but it was a bit hectic to plan that big party.  I promise some good updates shortly on all things C-Horse, but for now, here's some wedding photos!

Yes, I'm dancing in pink horsey mud boots.  Things got a bit dirty once the rain poured!

Double Trouble

Love my Daddy!

It was a very narrow step to balance on in the first place... I'm glad John didn't drop me!

Our front porch

Yum, good cake. :)

Yes, we are classy and carrying Bud Lights into our reception. :)


Veronica Lodge said...

Congratulations!! Beautiful!!

Cass said...

Thanks! We had such a great day!