Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun with minions...

Growing up I thought that all people got the summer off.  My dad was a high school teacher, my mom was a stay-at-home mom, and my brother and I were in school - we were all home for the summer, so I assumed everyone was. Once I realized this was NOT the case, I then figured I'd have to be a teacher just so I could spend those three glorious months doing nothing but the things I wanted.

So, why on earth I have students who would rather spend their summers taking care of me, is totally beyond comprehension, but I love it! 

This year, two of my students are working their way into the minion hall-of-fame.  Maggie Brooks has been my tag-along from the week she got out of school and Sarah Edwards is wrapping up her social calendar so she can  come hang out too! They are both great kids who do a super job of keeping me on track and everything running smoothly. But even though they work long, hot days, there is no shortage of fun (and no shortage of laughing at me!).

Maggie gets a bit wet

Larry, our wonderful farrier, teaching Maggie how to pull a shoe

And rasp off clinches - Prophet is helping!

Swim day!

Star really, really really likes the water

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Karen said...

I need to get me some minions! :) So jealous of the swimming. Looks fun!