Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Full Moon Rising

This last weekend, the eventers traveled East to go play dressage. The big P-Diddy was entered in the First Level NCDCTA Championships and my little black superstar, Dreamer was doing his first big-boy show, entered in the Intro B and Training 2.

So, let's first just say that P was his usual awesome self... but... how could he not be considering that horse can do no wrong. :)  Minus a bit of spooking at the side of the arena, but really, those things are made for jumping over anyway, not trotting next to.

And Mr. Dream was the star of the show, however, his final ride did provide a bit of comic relief to the weekend. Let me give it to you via timeline so you can appreciate the humor.

Ridetime was scheduled for 10:39

9:45 - mount up to walk around, as he hadn't been out for a walk yet due to P's early ride.

9:46 - Re-mount after walking back to the barn to get something I forgot

9:47-9:55 - Dreamer, being the gansta that he is, feels the need to 'holla' at everyone as we make our way around the show grounds

10:00 - Since we are attempting to canter in the ring, and this involves keeping all 4 legs moving in the same general direction in some sort of rhythm, I decide to take a canter around the field next to warm-up (since his canter is LOVELY in the field - so what if he finds a dressage ring a bit confining. :)

10:01 - What is that noise - did I forget to take his bell boots off?

10:02 - Seriously, what's that noise

10:03 - Hop off to discover that BOTH of our front shoes are ever slightly so loose (farrier was due out the next day), but enough to make them knock a bit at the canter... decide to condense warm-up to reduce the chances of throwing off a shoe before we make it to the ring

10:10 - Sitting beside warm-up I discover that one of my bracelets has decided to free itself from the grasp of my wrist an cling to my glove by a thread.  Shove the offending bracelet into my pocket.

10:15 - 10:25 - execute a lovely walk/trot warm up.

10:30 - Walk over to the warm-up steward to find out what rider was preceding me. Pop a button off my jacket along the way (damn you, bag of bit sized Snickers I'd consumed Saturday).

10:39 - Enter at A with 2 loose shoes, one less button, one less bracelet -- and pull off a halfway decent test.

10:45 - In an attempt to 'holla' at a distant horse during he walk back to the barn, Dream looses all concentration and trips over his own feet and nearly bites it....

11:00 - As we are throwing things into the trailer, Lisa, ever so secretly, goes up to check our score, which was a 64% for the win!!!!!!

All in all, it was a great weekend for everyone!  A huge congrats to Nancy and her eventer, Shatzi, who braved the scary indoor - "ride it like you smoked (stole)  it", right Nancy? :)

Baby Dreamer! 

Prophet admiring his blue lights.... now all we need is the neon SeaHorse sign to make our decorations complete! 

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