Wednesday, August 8, 2012

quick update

Here's the email that went out - posting it here for anyone who I may have accidentally left off the list!

Hey Guys! 

Just a couple of housekeeping notes as we approach the Fall season for everyone.  Hopefully this weather will break soon, and we'll all get to start enjoying our horses instead of sweating through the rides! 

1 - The NCDCTA is putting together a fundraiser for the members attending the American Eventing Championships in Georgia.  This includes myself with Flash and Prophet.  They are looking for donations of (new or used) goods and services to auction off.  If you have anything you'd be interested in donating, please let me know.  The auction will be running through August 30th.  I'll be posting a link to it on the Facebook page and the website, so be on the lookout because there is some seriously good stuff that will be auctioned off!

2 - Website - will be undergoing some changes to get more up-to-date (finally!)

3 - C-HORSE APPAREL!!!!  We have an awesome new logo, and we want to show it off!  Go here to order your polos, saddle pads, jackets, T-Shirts and KOOZIES!!! If at all possible, we'd like orders in by the end of the week.  

4 - Fall Schedule - As always, this will be evolving, but here's a rough draft.  If you'd like any help deciding the plan for you and your horse, or have any questions about which shows would be good for you, please just ask and we'll work it out together! For those of you competing Maiden, BN, and Novice, the Timex Series are marked below - you must be a NCDCTA member, and it's a fun little series to collect point in!

12 - MacNair's (Dressage and CT - lower levels)
19th - Foxtrack (maybe)
25th - Summitt HIll Jumpers (All levels)
31 - 9/2 - Labor of Love Dressage (recognized dressage show - all levels)

6-9 - American Eventing Champtionships (BN - Advanced)
15th - Summitt Hill Jumpers (all levels)
16 - Cattolica Dressage (all levels)
22 - Running Start HT (TIMEX SERIES) (Novice and below)
29-30 - Middleburg HT (BN - Intermediate)
or 29th Fenridge Dressage and CT (all levels)
or 30th - Shawnee Acres HT (Novice and below)

5-7 - Morven Park HT (BN - Advanced)
or 6 - Starter HT (TIMEX SERIES) (novice and below or dressage of all levels)
or 6 - Buckhorn CT and Dressage (all levels)
or 7 - MacNairs CT and Dressage (all levels)
13-14 - Maryland Horse Trials (Int. - BN)
21 - Fenridge HT (TIMEX SERIES) All levels
or 21 - Cattolica Dressage
25-28 - Chatt Hills HT (Int - BN)
or 27 - TTC Horse Trials (TIMEX SERIES) (Novice and below)
or 28 - Whinstone Dressage (all levels)

1-4 - Williamston Dressage Regional Champs
or 3 - Starter HT (TIMEX SERIES)
10 - Frostbite at the Ark (Dressage, CT, and HT) All levels
11 - Cattolica Dressage (all levels)
17-18 - River Glen HT (Int.-BN)
or 18 - MacNair's CT and Dressage (all levels)
24-25 - Pine Top HT (Int - BN)

1 - Holiday Dressage Fun Show - Williamston
8 - Frostbite at the Ark
9 - Whinstone Dressaage

That's all for now!! 

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