Tuesday, September 22, 2015

When you least expect it...

The new location - peace and productivity 
To say that I feel like I've been stuck in a tornado, would be a bit of an understatement.  The move in January was the start of a new chapter in both my personal and professional life.  I was able to clear out some personal relationships that were quite toxic, and open up time for travel and self reflection.

Prophet may have a slightly lower-speed life now, but he still
fits like a glove.  Thanks to Dana Sanders for letting me
cruise from time to time. 
For the first time in years, I've found myself without the responsibility of an upper level horse.  The commitment to competing at the upper levels is one of extreme time and financial monopoly. The young horses that have filled my time this year are some of the most talented horses I've had the pleasure of sitting on, but they don't require the hours of careful planning and management that Prophet did (and granted he was/is and ultra-princess).  So I've traveled, I've done things I never would have thought I'd do, and I have goals on the horizon that I wouldn't have thought would be possible. 

And now I'm more excited about the future then I ever have been.  

First on my personal life front... I recently had someone send me a message about how I never know who might be affected by what I write.  For that end, I'm happy that I've 'aired some laundry' about my divorce and the affects it has had on my professional life.  I'm quite a private person, but I also have a very blurry line between my personal and professional world: therefore, they
Catching some C-Horse fun in Houston, Texas
definitely effect one another, both negatively and positively.  Without going into detail, I will say that learning to define who is toxic in my life (friends/clients/etc), and being ok with letting those contacts slide away into oblivion has been the most refreshing
A little family fun with new friends and the polo match
process.  A process that has opened up my life for much more positive relationships to fill their space. 

New family member - Lilly Ann Sitton
I've also been enjoying the ability to be a little selfish and make decisions based solely on what I want.  One of those decisions being the addition of Lilly Ann to the Sitton clan.  She was a lost soul at a rescue and I couldn't let her stay there any longer.  She may be deaf, and a little wild, but she makes me a happier person every day. 

On to the professional side of things... A wise man once told me that a horse professional NEVER needs to own their own horses.  With Prophet being leased out and the sale of several horses last year, I have found myself with a barn full of amazing horses, owned by amazing people, who are not me.  I do have my 'old man' Rockie (who I teach lessons on), and one baby TB stuck out in a field, but my competition horses all have owners, and I (along with my bank account) have been  loving that. 

BUT I found myself on Facebook, just a week and a half ago, asking for a video of a mare (GASP) who was grey (DOUBLE GASP), and I had no idea what possessed me to do so.  Five short days later, I was drawing out large sums of cash, and hitting the road for an overnight roadtrip to Tennessee. It was love at first site, and when she had a bit of choke on the trailer ride home (aka prophet) I knew she was the one for me.
New Girl!  Mimi or Mimosa Sunrise

So now I have a horse of my own again.  And my bank account is crying a bit. And I am loving snuggling with her big head and sitting in her field as I absorb the fact that she is all mine. 

The fall schedule looks to be a busy one.  We have lots of shows for the C-Horse Crew, I have a few clinics to teach, and lots of traveling on the books.  Mimi will be spending the fall putting on weight and muscle and I will be focused on opening up my life for the chances that come when you least expect it.
She's got a pretty alright way of going. 

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