Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

The holidays are OVER!  Great times were had back in Illinois, and my mom got to come out for the next week to play with the P-man while I took some time off of the real-job to absorb what she had to say.

Looking back at 2008, realize it was a great year for me. It provided the opportunity to take a step back, analyze where I was struggling with my horses and to get the rest in my life in order. I hated not competing pretty much all year, but I definitely think that Prophet benefited from slowing things down and concentrating on where our holes were, not just that he was talented and could run and jump stuff.

I guess my parents know me too well, and read my desire to get back into the game.  Originally, my spring plan had the P-man moving up to Preliminary, since I am already qualified.  I really wanted to run him around the 1/2* in Ocala, but thought there'd be no way I could afford to get him qualified and make the trip in such a short period of time. 

BUT my parents are amazing and got me an entry for Ocala (and my trip down there) for Christmas.  Immediately I jumped to action and was searching out the events I needed to qualify while in my Christmas morning pajamas.  

So the week training session with the momma proved to be a great jumping off point for our season (in addition to the Becky Holder clinic).  I always get a bit cranky right before she leaves because my worst fear is not being able to uphold the standards she has instilled in my horse so I'm already making plans for her to come back. 

And, as if my new year couldn't get off to a better start, my mom and I spent New Year's Day teaching at one of my client's barns, Wynnscott Farm.  All of the horses were great and Kim (the owner) got some one-on-one time with my mom and now SHE wants to host a Linda Sitton clinic just to bring mom back from Illinois.  Such a trend here!  Maybe I need to build a wing for my mom and dad's 'second home.'

Kim also invited the three of us (John included) to stay for a great New Year's dinner - hopefully brining all of us great riches and luck in the new year.  The food was great, the company was great, and it proved to be a great kick-off for 2009.  

I would like to add a special 'thank-you' to Kim and all my clients at Wynnscott.  They are great group of people who seem to support all of my crazy/wacky ideas to the fullest.  I can't express how much it means to have a support group like you guys!!!

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