Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Rain....

We may need an ark!  

It has been nasty the last couple of days!  Yesterday, the P-man 
got a day off because it was sideways!  This morning started off beautiful (see before picture below), albeit 45 mph winds, but really it just made things more interesting.  What made things REALLY interesting was the fact that I wore a windbreaker that would 'whip' when it caught the wind in the right direction, or blow me up like a marshmallow when going the other way - Prophet was NOT impressed, but was actually a really good boy in keeping all 4 feet on the ground.  He only sidestepped for a moment when the neighbor's bulldog made a move to make us his breakfast!
Sky Before

We ended our ride right as the wind was bringing the clouds.  By the time I got ready for work and out to the car - it was nasty!  So glad I got the ride in. 
Sky After

BUT in other exciting news -- they have revamped the qualifications (as of today - tomorrow could be different with the USEA) for the 1/2* and Prophet only really needs one run - although I am looking to get him out 3 times before the event.  That leaves my checkbook a little happier - although that just means I have some extra money to spend on my saddle!

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