Friday, December 19, 2008

Sad Day / Happy Day

You know those horses that may not have even been your own, but still had a profound impact in your riding life?  Well, a 16 hand grey TB mare was mine.  Pearl was the most fun ride I've ever sat on.  Little to no dressage training, you could hold her into a frame and run and jump the moon.  She hated for you to let go of her mouth, could turn on a dime and LOVED her job.  She was owned by my 'second mom' and I would hop on a some random jumper shows and let Pearl show me how it was done.  In warm-up one night when I was about 12 or 13, I ended up jumping around 4'6 because they just kept putting up the jumps and she kept on jumping!  I watched her bounce through a 6 bar (6 one-strides in a row) class and win the high-bar at a fun show, because the 5 and a half foot standards wouldn't go up any higher.  She helped teach Barb's daughter to ride, and went on to be a wonderful broodmare.

She was AMAZING!  

And I just found out that she passed away in her sleep last night at the ripe old age of 26.  

Rest in Peace old girl...

But in slightly happier news... the Becky Holder clinic is tomorrow, and Prophet has finally decided to put his big boy pants on and step up to the plate!  Although I am having a bit of an internal struggle about some equipment (bit vs. hackmore) I can't wait for tomorrow to come!

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