Monday, December 15, 2008

Major! Exciting! News!

I'm pretty sure that hell musta had a cold snap on Saturday morning because John swallowed all the pride he owns and rode Ted (in an English saddle, even!).  For anyone that knows John and I, well, you know how big of deal this is.  And granted Ted didn't really listen to John, and simply followed me around the yard looking for the treats in my pockets while John tried to make him steer away, and I MAY have put the hackamore on Ted for the first time, just so I can laugh at Johns feeble attempts at control - but IT happened, and basically, Christmas came early for me this year!

In Prophet news - he and I had a couple of disagreeing days, where I have been adamant about getting down to business, and he has been firm in telling me that in no way is our vacation over.  Saturday - Flat; Sunday - jump.  Both ended great, with a way more rideable horse then what I started with and we're still friends (so I think).  I think that starting bad has a lot to do with me feeling added pressure about the Becky Holder clinic this weekend.  

BUT things are looking WAY up.  My mom, the magic horse fixer, both physically and mentally, has agreed to come stay with us for a week!  After a whole week of grandma-bootcamp, Prophet's gonna be a whole new sort of beast!

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