Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good lordy it's cold

I thought I moved to the South - what is this?!

Woke up this morning late (when John leaves for work late, it means that I wake up late) so no ride happened, but I think it was a blessing in disguise - everything was frozen.  Having a horse that has to eat EVERYTHING sopping wet always makes it more interesting on the frozen mornings, and this one didn't disappoint.  The horses happily stayed snuggled in their blankies as I fed them their grain.  Usually they enjoy the first bit of air they get as I unwrap them, but I really don't think they minded missing that experience since the awaiting air was a brisk 28 degrees!

Yesterday wasn't quite as cold, but the P-man was feeling GOOD!  I put the hackmore on for a bit of a trot and decided halfway through to pop some fences.  All of my mom's bootcamp work has opened up his stride so much and he's learning how to use it.  Suddenly the hackmore doesn't have the braking power it did before!  He's never been a horse that really celebrated after fences - he's more the type that thinks he's perfect everytime so there's not need to celebrate.  BUT yesterday, apparently he thought he was extra perfect and extra feeling good, so I let him have a bit of a romp.  Good times where had by all!

I'm sure I wouldn't be saying that if he'd sailed me into the neighbor's yard though!

Exciting news for today - I've found a saddle that I do believe I'm going to buy!  Leave it to me to be the one that has a brown Dressage saddle and a black Jumping saddle - so opposite - that's me!

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HI just popped in to say hello!! found you via?? cant remember! Great pics