Monday, January 12, 2009

Proud Momma

For years I've said that the P-man's true calling was in the hunter world.  Don't get me wrong, he's an absolute blast to burn around cross-country and stadium on, but he's just such a laid back guy most of the time and is very confident in himself - so confident that if you drop the reins 5 strides out from a fence, he thinks it's his time to shine.  He always thinks he has everything under control.

But now I think his calling may be with a young rider.  

Yesterday one of my students had to cancel because her horse was lame (again).  I felt so bad as she has had pony problems in the past and really just loves to ride.  I figured P could use a ride with out me drilling the basics and the student is a wonderful, light, quiet rider who I even let ride Ted over the summer.  She's the kind of rider horses just seem to get along with because she stays out of their way, but has a good feel.  I called her up to see if she wanted to come hack Prophet a bit around.

The partnership was great!  Granted, P-man has finally started to figure things out lately, but he went around for the entire 45 minutes with a beautiful long frame, truckin' over the trot poles, and even gave her a bit of a jump over the 8 inch log in the woods (not planned, but it worked out fine).  I unfortunately didn't get any pictures, but it was such a 'proud parent' feeling!  I got on him afterward and he was happy and loose, back crackin' over the cross country fences - I think she's hired as my warm-up rider!

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