Saturday, February 21, 2009

One week from now....

P-man's first event in over 2 years is one week from today! I'm starting to get so excited - especially since I'll be busy with alot of stuff this week, so hopefully it will hurry up and get here (sounds like Christmas doesn't it?).

Prophet has been so good lately. Unfortunately my new saddle does not (emphasis on NOT) fit him... re: he tried to buck me off and run away several times -- very non-Prophet-like... so it looks like I will be stuck with my old Hunter/Jumper Passoa. Sure it's not ideal, but it fits his back and will last us a bit longer. Other than that saga, he has proven that he's trying to be a big boy and may be up to my challenge yet! In my oh-so-brave mind, I figured that even though he's only run 3 trainings in his whole life, that we might as well start off with it after a two year break, right? We will see -- ask me a week from today.

On Tuesday I'll be able to get in a cross-country school which will tell me a lot more about where we are at. He's been so good here at home - very confident, maybe a little too confident, but that's how he rolls.

Oh, and exciting news!! We actually have an extended trot! Or at least the beginnings of one, which is something I wasn't sure this horse would EVER have, so we are super excited about that!

Ciao for now... will be updating on the progress throughout the week...

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