Thursday, February 12, 2009

Updates Galore!

So things have been a bit crazy this last week, but I'm back with all sorts of updates! First off all, I am semi-not-unemployed any more as I was offered and promptly accepted a position with ThinLine! I've always like the product and have been doing some design work for them over the last year or so, and now I will be a honest-to-goodness employee. So yes, I encourage everyone to visit and see all the products available - it's not just pads! Seriously - check 'em out - do I sound like a salesman yet?

And on to the next update.....

About six months ago, when I moved my horses into my back yard, I was concerned about the lack of barn and shelter, but have since learned that my horses are actually HORSES and survive just fine out in the 'wild', and that I am resourceful enough to use my trailer tackroom as a storage/crosstie area (and P-man has learned to tie!). When I was in a boarding barn, one of my biggest fears was a barn fire where my horses had no way to get out. Well, Tuesday night, I realized just how happy I am that my horses are never 'locked' in a barn, as the building behind our house went up in flames. The horses are now desensitized to firefighters and lots of loud cussing, and they were actually bored with the situation as I took them to the far side of the pasture (because in my mind, fires blow things up, so we got as far away as possible). Luckily no one was injured, the barn was insured and we didn't miss American Idol thanks to the DVR!

And NOW.... P-man news!

First of all, my saddle came today! I am so excited to jump in it, but can't until Saturday since Proph got adjusted yesterday. I thought it might be a bit narrow on him, but after further examination, I realized that it's probably that every other saddle that I've had for him as been too wide, and to finally have a saddle that has 3 fingers space without shimming seems oddly strange! Yes, it is black with brown leathers in the picture, but really - I was excited and didn't have black ones handy.
Before being adjusted, he was doing great! He absolutly jumped out of his skin for me on Saturday, which felt so good as we hadn't really pushed it that far since his break began 2 years ago. It is truly amazing what a difference it makes to have a horse that it moving correctly into the bit and in front of your leg and then facing them to a large fence. He never hit a bad spot, even though we were lacking for poles so were jumping with no fillers nor ground lines. So. Freaking. Cool.
So the count down to The Ark begins... we'll be leaving 2 weeks from tomorrow and the trailer and truck got a washing and waxing today so we'll be riding in style...

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