Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Turning Points

So, it's been awhile only because my life has been a bit crazy!

First things first - Prophet's leg is fine... so all is right in the world. He just bruised himself a bit when he pulled the shoe and the inflamation was resolved thanks to a bit of bute and some serious icing and poultice.

Other than that - I lost my job that I hated! It's an interesting to be happy about being unemployed, but I think that these things happen for a reason, and by looking hard - I've found some great opportunities, that will hopefully all find their places in the next couple of weeks... more updates to come!

BUT the unemployed status has allowed me to be on a bit of vacations. Last week, I hauled over to the state park in Raleigh for a quick trail ride with my fellow unemployed friend, Amy. I say quick trail ride because we were trying to outrun an approaching storm, which we managed to successfully do - even with taking the 'long trail' and being out for 2+hours! The two horses were very comical and it's always nice to spend an afternoon with a horse person who also understands the "broke" status of being unemployed.

The weekend was spent in Baltimore around the horse industry of a different nature - details of which will be discussed later, but meant no riding - which also meant bratty pony today! He's so funny!

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Jen said...

Definitely one of those Catch 22 situations! Enjoy the short break, but I hope one of those opportunites pans out for you soon!