Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bumps in the road

So, yesterday I made the usual beginning of the season vet appointment.  You know, the ones where we get a baseline of where P-man is now, and make a plan for the year (which never work out, but it's a nice idea).  Well, Prophet must of heard me making the appointment, because he's done a minor suspensory tweak in the process of pulling his shoe and walking on all this ice.  I'm such a paranoid mom, as it is really quite minimal, but like most eventers, I obsess continually over my horses legs.  There is a slight bit of heat and he is a bit tender when I palpate it (unflexed) the first time, which is are good enough symptoms to have me freaking out!

He is getting his shoe put back on today, so will be able to evaluate it better this evening, but for now, I'm forced to sit here at work fretting and be satisfied with knowing we caught it early and he's poulticed to the hilt.  My ever positive, and wonderful vet, Dr. Kate Lombardi is on call to check it tomorrow if it's still inflamed.  He is getting the weekend off since I will be driving up to the 'burg in VA anyway, but, will still be getting poulticed and iced - if I can con someone into cold water hosing him in the 30-40 degree weather!

Monday we'll start walking again and go from there...  Keep your figures cross for the boy!

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Jen said...

Oh no! I hope it isn't too serious and Prophet heals quickly!