Thursday, March 5, 2009

In like a lion...

I love March.
March means there is hope that winter might actually leave us and spring will step up to take it's place. It means the ponies may not have to be bundled up like pigs in a blanket, and they get to enjoy the feel of the mud in their hair. It means that I don't need 800 layers to ride in the mornings and that I don't have to fight with that quarter sheet that loves to slip at just the right moments.

It also means that I will be a year older -- this year my insurance will get cheaper and I can rent a car!

But this year March has definitely come in like a lion. To the right you'll see the reason why cross country was cancelled last weekend at The Ark. This was actually pretty early in the day and the water kept rising making packing everything up SO much fun.

The rain kept going until Sunday evening when it turned to ice and snow. Luckily we were already home by then andthe ponies were warm in their layers of blankets. Below are the ponies on Monday morning, enjoying their morning hay in the snow.

Prophet has enjoyed a couple of much-deserved days off. The ground has been absolutely saturated and the temperatures have been rediculously cold! He will start back hacking today and get back into the full swing of things on Sunday. Hopefully we will also get over for some lessons with Steven Blue and Holly Hepp starting next week to really get us moving forward!

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