Monday, March 9, 2009

Lovely weather - Allergies are here!

Holy Moly weather gods -- what do we have going on here?

The last couple of days have be GAWGEOUS here in NC. I returned from an overnight trip to Boston just in time to enjoy a quick gallop on Saturday, and P-man and I both broke a heathly sweat while he romped through his jaunt.

Sunday brought lots of sunshine which meant that I had my first sunscreen mishap of the season -- a lovely white handprint against the red skin that is the back of my arm (that apparently I forgot needed sunscreen). Other than that, I was none worse for the wear as all my students had particularly good rides -- must've been the beautiful weather!

Today, P-man was caught up a bit with the pollen sporting a runny eye and a bit of a sneeze, as was I! We took warmup nice and slow as we both had some kinks to work out, and ended with a very nice ride. His extensions at the trot are coming with alot more ease. Maybe there's hope that we might actually get a lengthing in the dressage arena, yet!

Not working tomorrow, so I get to enjoy the days with my boys, and get to run around getting my truck fixed - what fun that should be!

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