Sunday, March 15, 2009

Someone's playin' with the weather levers...

There's nothing like beautiful spring weather to motivate me to be productive... and there's nothing like this cloudy, rainy, depressing weather to make me want to curl up with a glass of boxed-wine and a girlie movie.

But there's no time for that, now is there? Or at least not for the WHOLE day anyway.

I have kept up with riding (although he did get a couple of days off), but Prophet HATES cold weather and rain. He puts up with it in during the winter, but I think he's putting it to the weather gods after the 80 degree temps of last week. He feels (like I do) that the cold weather should be OVER, and proceeded to take it out on me (and the quarter sheet that I forced on him). In all actuallity, he was a good boy, just a bit miffed that we had to put our face to the wind (literally) and get to work for a bit. (the picture was taken as we walked around and tried to get the blood pumping)

I have also been using the time inside to get my body back into working order -- bring on the yoga mat!! Honestly it feels so good to stretch and breath and all that stuff, and feel like I have muscles and know how to used them... all things that I tend to forget! John's taken a liking to dribbling the yoga ball around the house, which makes it apparent to me that cabin fever has kicked in for the both of us.
We have decided to do a weight loss challenge - awards to be decided. We are both quite competitive in nature so it should be a wonderful driving force for us to get back to our fighting weight!

...and I *may* be cooking extra chocolate chip cookies just for him... because I'm such a good girlfriend of course! ;)

I have also been working on my sponsorship information (finally) and it looks to be coming together nicely... I hope that soon I will be posting word of my first sponsors signing on!

My first lesson with Holly is coming up on Tuesday - as long as my truck gets fixed and it stops raining, so hopefully the people up stairs stop playing with the weather levers!

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