Monday, April 20, 2009

Vegas baby!

So our week in Las Vegas is coming to an end... and it has been a very interesting week filled with police reports (broken in hotel room), gambling (penny slots baby!), horse colicing at home and lots and lots of world class athletes of the 4-legged kind.  

We actually had quite a bit of time to watch the competition since no one wanted to be wasting their $300 tickets on walking around the trade fair when the competition was going on.  I do believe that through osmosis, I will be a better rider when I get home, or at least I'd like to think that's how it will work.  There were so many different horse and rider types - really interesting to watch how they worked together.

I actually did not do much much shopping considering my suitcase can't hold much more on the airplane ride to Lexington - but those vendors in Lexington better watch out!  I've got money burning in my pocket, and lots of things I want to get the P-man for his birthday (May 3rd).

Hopefully my wireless will work on Lexington so I will be able to update a bit more frequently.

Until next time...

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