Monday, April 27, 2009

Back home on NC soil

Ah, how good it is to be home. I pulled into my driveway at around 5 am and went straight to the puppies and ponies - which were in happy flesh and very eager to eat breakfast since John has been feeding them before he goes hunting (aka 5am).

After a refreshing sleep-in, I have the boys a thorough grooming, graze and geared them up in their new anti-fly armor. Prophet was pretty sure that Ted was being attacked by a white mesh alien and thought running from him was the obvious answer. They're ever the comedians, eh?

The week at Rolex was full of it's ups and downs. I got to see great old friends and made some very interesting new ones. Let's just say the Europeans not only showed us how eventing should be done, but they also showed us how to party!

ThinLine's only sponsored rider, Mike Winter had respectful dressage rides on both his mounts, however a suspected slow abdominal bleed led to Kingpin's very unfortunate passing at the Trakener fence, early in the course. Of course this put a damper on all those involved with Kingpin and the sport in general, but he died doing what he loved - running, jumping and acting cheeky.

I now have to get back into the swing of things, keeping track of what day it is and other minor details. I did also get a new bit for P-man that I will try out today -- updates to come soon!!!

Kick on....

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