Friday, May 8, 2009

New saddle, new networking, new everything!

So, with my job, I may not have a plush corner office with a view or an amazing retirement plan, but what I do have are the things most important to me... killer connections with the best equine products available.

Translated: Even though my new saddle that didn't work out is still sitting in a consignment shop in Kentucky, I was able to place my order for my brand new Kentaur monoflap that will have Ultra ThinLine inserted in the seat and ThinLine inserted in the panels!!! Excitement doesn't even begin to describe me, although impatient does -- I can't wait for it to get here!!!

I also created a twitter feed for C-Horse Eventing. I figured I set one up for ThinLine so I might as well have one for me also! For those of you into tweeting (does anyone else think these social networking terms sound a bit dirty), check me out at I try to update it fairly regularly, but don't expect miracles! :)

P-man is doing great! I finally got a ride in yesterday that wasn't in the rain or dark, so I feel that we are movin' on up in the world. We are doing LOTS of walk-canter-walk transitions to strengthen that highny of his, and he is getting very light. It's helping his trot work emensly and I can't wait to get him over to Kim's to see if our lengthenings hold up when he gets in a ring. (we both get serious cases of ring-boredom)

I LOVE my Back on Track blanket that I got for him at Kentucky -- really helps with his warm-up time and I think the BOT pad that I ganked from the warehouse is keeping him soft during the rides. In fact, I've been making major phopas (sp?) by riding in our jump saddle with our BOT dressage pad because I just don't want to give it up -- guess that'll be another purchase on my list! (and no, I'm not affiliated with BOT, although we do do a joint saddle pad with them...)

I also feel really gross saying this but, I had a pair of FITS breeches that I got through work, and have been riding in them everyday! I don't want to give up a day to wash them! I think I might have to email FITS and have them send me another pair for 'research' for our new THINLINE Inserts... I'm thinking a pair in creme, a pair in white, and another dark colored pair would work just fine.

This post was just full of endorsements wasn't it? Sorry, but I love me some cool product!!

Ciao Ciao!

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