Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pretty, Pretty Pony

All is well here in preparation for Lumber River -- P got his shoe put back on, had a lovely flat school on Tuesday and then off yesterday cause I was teaching until it was dark! Hopefully the light load this week will work in our favor this weekend. I'm just saying that it's the tapering technique (or something) :)

Here are a few pics from Virginia Horse Trials (Brant Gamma Photo). They are of the bank up/bank down complex... P's first log off a bank! Isn't he cute?


Veronica Lodge said...

Youre horse is gorgeous, love the bridle too!!

Cass said...

Thanks! I like him :) The bridle is actually a bunch of different bridles put together - it fits the theme of being peiced together - like most things at C-Horse! haha