Monday, June 29, 2009

The sun will come out, tomorrow....

After the roller coaster ride that was the middle of last week, the weekend definitely ended on an exciting note.

First and foremost, P-man is SOUND! I lunged him on Friday evening and he appeared sound at the walk trot and canter both directions (but he was still on a bit of bute at that time). Last dose of bute was Friday morning. I rode him yesterday (Sunday) and he felt very good! It pays to have a tough old man, even if he's grumpy sometimes.

Secondly, the C-Horse Event Team went out and REPRESENTED at our local show. I had three girls there and each one of them did great! They all displayed wonderful horsemanship, taking care of their horses in the heat, and were rewarded for it in the ring. I was very very proud of each one of them!

Here are a couple more pictures from the great gate debocle... the gate picture was taken after we fixed the gate (it was originally folded down on itself), and then the pic of P's leg is the only scrath he got (and I swear he has normal looking hocks - it's just a funny angle).

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