Friday, July 10, 2009

At least we have a plan...

This week I did the dreaded "where to I want to compete this fall, and what my goals are..." deed. Schedule made and a fairly good plan now in place, feel a bit more like there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that even if Plan B has to be implemented, everything will be fine.

P has had a fairly easy week (which of course means that my week has been crazy!). First off, on a slightly unfortunate note, one of my students took a spill that resulted in breaking both bones in her wrist... surgery Monday. BUT I couldn't have been more proud of her. I was not there for the class that it happened in (4H State Show), but I had coached her at 7:30 that morning over the exact course and she rode SSOO well. Her careful, usually VERY safe QH has a rule that every scary jump he has to stop at once before jumping it (nice, easy, slow stops - nothing dangerous). Well let me tell you, EVERY jump in that coliseum was scary, and she got over several of them on the first time, thanks to some seriously good riding. The last thing I said to her before heading to work was how proud I was of how she had done, and that I didn't care how the class went, as long as she had fun. WELL as you can guess, I was quite surprised to get a phone call a few hours later hearing about the fall and the broken wrist. AND he didn't even stop! Just one of those weird, hidden eject button kind of falls. Ah, horses...

On an happy note, my parents are on their way here as I type this- been since Christmas since we've seen both of them (my mom was a Rolex). My mom is teaching a clinic at Kim's barn, which I'm greatly looking forward to riding in on a clients' little Arab. And I'm excited to get some lessons on P from her, *hopefully* including a XC school on Sunday morning.

Dressage Show and XC school next week at Fenridge Farm, and then I'm off to Young Riders for a week for my 'vacation' (which I'm actually working thru!). Then Dressage show on the 1st, a couple jumper shows and then Full Gallop at the end of August. If all goes well, I hope that P will be Waradaca T3DE bound by October!

Heels down, eyes up!

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