Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Down to the root of the matter...

Now why I was so proud of P-man, on so many levels...

We all think our horses are special, and they ARE. They are each an individual, which is why we love them. Kind of like why we love our Significant Others. I love John but some people wouldn't beable to stand him, just like I can't stand many of my friends SOs (hence why there is a TV show called "Is she really going out with him?" -- maybe we need a show called "Is she really still owning him?").

Ok, back on track.

I love P-man. He is my man (along with John, Peter Pan, and Ted, but that's besides the point), and I think his the coolest thing since fine-tipped pens. Not many people do like him though, but I think he is hard to get sometimes.

He's been really good lately, even though he's technically still on vacation. He's been doing light riding in the new saddle, and I was hoping and praying it would break in and not be pinching him - hoping and praying, praying and hoping. Seriously, how many saddles have a gone through in the last year? But I rode him Saturday and he still acted a bit like it was bothering him (that, and probably the 'playground' I set up and was making him jump around).

Needless to say, I was not happy. Then there were some unfortunate 4th of July events that took place on Saturday afternoon, which left me in an even further state of bewilderment. Luckily, several glasses of wine and some backyard fireworks watching greeted me Saturday night and Sunday morning was spent staying in bed late (other then to run out and feed). I was fully ready to teach that afternoon, and take Prophet along with me for a jump school.

My first lesson of the afternoon went great -- good start to it all. Then I hopped on P, with the new saddle for one last go at it (it had been looking better, but I was still not going to make him sore waiting on the saddle to break in). He jumped like a super star, straight, no rushing, no pulling, and very willing.

I stopped, and really didn't have time to tack up the school horse and properly cool out P so I asked Syd if she wanted to ride him in her lesson (this would only be the only other horse-sized horse she'd ridden other then our school horse Whiley). She smiled from ear-to-ear, got a leg up, and they were perfect together. Even when she grabbed the part of P's mane that usually makes him rear (sore spot from his fly sheet that is now in the trash), all he did was walk until she moved her hand and then he would trot again. I think I may have been smiling more then she was, and that was alot too! She steared thru cones, walked over poles, and trotted posting and two-point on the lunge!

And the best part, NO dry spots when I took off the saddle! YAY!

The night was finished off perfectly by hanging out in front of the barn, enjoying the company of good friends. Gotta love days like that!

Looking forward to the 'rents coming to town on Friday and my mom's clinic on Saturday. Should be a fun weekend!


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