Monday, July 27, 2009

Big wheels keep on turning

I might be a work-aholic... maybe.

Anyone who has seen my car can guess that I spend most of my time in it... water bottles and Carmel-Bugle bags litter the passenger floor bored along with chaps, my helmet, boots, various styles of shoes, ThinLine material scraps and somewhere in there, my purse. I do try to keep it clean, but that proves difficult with as much driving as I do.

Well, last week, I was at it again. ThinLine shut down for a week, giving all of us a 'vacation', which I promptly turned into more work by driving to Lexington, Ky for the NAYRC. I got to work alongside my good friend, Tina Butler, as she "rubbed a**es" all week (she's a physio person, keeping all the FEI horses feeling their best). I had a blast, got to meet some really neat people, and got to watch horses all week - sounds like vacation to me!

The thing I always find interesting about long drives is the stuff that pops into my head... and this time was no different. Lots of thought about the book I was to author, P-man's fall schedule, the fact that I've grown up way more then I ever wanted to, etc... I still get the same feeling of freedom I once felt just driving to the end of the driveway when I was 15 -- the feeling that I was in control and could go anywhere I want (and that I had the authority to change the god-awful Lady Gaga song blaring from my speakers).

Anyway... I like driving (most of the time).

Now it's back to the real world. Happy to get home to see John and the kids. Happy because Prophet is much more sound then he was a week ago (although he is still just a bit tight in his right hip). Happy that I still have a full-load of students who want to take lessons from me even though I left them for a week. AND happy that I got P into a couple of the First Level tests at this weekend's dressage show.

August is going to be a bit crazy with legging Prophet back up. Dressage Show this weekend, CT next weekend, trip to Philly for the trade show, jumper show when I get back, and then a couple of weeks to school cross country before 5-Points at the beginning of September. Crazy busy, eh?

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Veronica Lodge said...

my car is the same way. The trunk is full of blankets, saddle pads, longe lines, polos, and dirty socks. I always have what I need though!