Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sucess Sucess Sucess

The C-Horse event team went out and definitely represented once again this weekend (and no, it wasn't just about the ribbons for sure).

The weekend started off on Friday night where I had intended to run home and quickly ride before a night out, but as I pulled into the driveway, dark clouds, flashes of lightning, and a distant rumble told me otherwise. Oh, well -- P-man can wing the First Level tests right? I had actually not even cantered him this week, working on just getting forward in his trot work, and keeping moving thru, even when he was tense.

So out on the town I went, with John and some GREAT people I worked with at my last job. A wonderful kick-off to the weekend for sure.

Saturday morning rolled around and luckily with a 11:15 ride time, I didn't have to pull out at the butt-crack of dawn by any means. Upon arrival a the fairgrounds, P decided that it was his job to remind me how slack I'd been in his work schedule the last week, leading to quite a long 'tune-up' warm-up session. But he went in the covered arena (VERY scary for sure!) and pulled off some great tests (First 1 and 2), brining home the blue for both with mid-sixty scores. Not too bad, eh?

Next up was Maggie on Whiley, who placed 5th in several very large flat classes. After a slip in one of the w/t/c goes, Whiley showed signs of a bit of stinging, so she graciously put her horse first and withdrew from the last two classes and went back to the stables to take care of her horse. This morning she was rewarded as he was very sound, and gave her a bit of a ride for the jumping. She listened to my rambling, and rode each class exactly how I wanted her too, even though it meant not placing the highest. She did place 5th (hope she likes pink!) in the large flat class (her first long-stirrup division ever!) GGGGOOOO Maggie! Me threatening Maggie that I'm gonna make her lift weights :)
Everyone came home safe, and learned something -- I guess that's all we can ask for, right?

Until the next ride....

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