Monday, August 31, 2009


So, does anyone else remember the football show on MTV called 2-a-days? Ya know, where the highschool quarterback dates the head cheerleader and the biggest drama is how their relationship is going to survive after college and very little of it actually has to do with football practice? Yeah, that has NOTHING to do with how my life has been lately. :) But I thought it'd be fun to reminisce about that show cause I kinda liked it (MTV is my secret addiction).

Anyway, P has been working a full load with fairly steady 2-a-day rides. He is feeling good, and lets me know that on a regular basis. Most of my time is spent in trot sets, with a bit of canter, but still asking him to move forward into the contact and not straight sideways at 100 miles an hour.

I did hop on him bareback for his #2 ride on Saturday and had a lovely lope around the field. Now, for me, riding bareback is what I used to do. Much of my time growing up riding, I was too lazy to haul out essentials such as a saddle, so I made do by hopping on in the middle of the pasture and starting my 'ride' from there - so hopping on P to have a nice ride didn't seem to different to me... but according to John, riding the Diddy with "no place to put my feet" was a death sentence, and he was not going to have any part of it. Even when I just wanted to show him how nice and calm P was being! :)

Yesterday I hauled P over to Kim and Chuck's for a jump school where he was surprisingly well behaved and jumped quite nicely. He then made a return visit to the realm of up/down lessons with Sydney. How I love that my horse can go from fire-breathing dragon to school-horse in a matter of hours. :)

Pics of our school horse to come!

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