Thursday, August 27, 2009

Woo Wee - Feeling good ponee....

So I'm a dork. :)

But just wanted to drop a quick entry in and say that I love you all, because with my pony feeling as good as he did this morning, I may be in trouble!

Nice calm little meek P-man has decided he feels GOOD, and wants to show me the new ways he can move his body around. Fun for him! Not so fun for me... :) But really, I'm very excited to really put him through the paces tonight and see how he feels, since all we did this morning was a bit of a hack. Gotta love sprucing the hold man's hocks up!

Will let you know how the ride goes!


wilsonc said...

Glad the injections worked for you! Have fun tonight. It'll be almost like having him young again eh?

Cass said...

Almost! except for I got him at 6 - 3 days after his last race. After 4 years of racing, he felt old then! He actually feels better now then he EVER has in the 5 years I've had him (although 2 of those years he was turned out to field). I'll let you know how tonight goes!