Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back on the Straight and Narrow

All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and he'll listen to me any day. ~Author Unknown

This week has been interesting... emotions ranging from tears on Thursday night (mixed in with some very threatening dagger eyes towards John) to very excited and optimistic about the future this morning.

Here's the tale...

Prophet's got Thoroughbred feet. Yes it's true. I've complained on here enough about it that everyone should know about that now, right? Well, he also used to be absolutely fine for the farrier, a quality that's taken a downhill turn the last year. SSOOO, Wednesday morning, he was sound (minus one shoe), and the vet watched him jog up for his pre-season check up -- suggested that after 5 years of doing very little maintenance, that we should go ahead and help out his aging joints with a minor injection-able. OK, cool - schedule that for Saturday morning.

Farrier then comes and resets all 4 - slightly gimpy when she leaves but she says we'll see what he looks like. Thursday = LAME, Friday = LAME. No call back from her, so I call a wonderful farrier who drives out. No hot nail, but they can't figure it out. Have to reschedule the hocks because those can't get done unless he's sound up front. UGH...

Other farrier drives back out, does some voodoo with Sole-Guard, and Viola! pony is once again sound. Rode him Sunday (he was back to being very full of himself), and got his hocks done yesterday!

He now gets a couple of days off and then back at it full force. The fall season is scheduled to crank up here in just under 3 weeks and then we'll be off to the races until December! Very excited about what we have coming up for sure!

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