Monday, August 10, 2009

"I wonder if you have all your shoes on?...."

NOPE! Of course you don't... After all, your name is Prophet, and you lose shoes like they're going out of style.

Oh, joy. Well, after P was so good last week in the sandbox after not working on anything Dressage related, I had decided that maybe I NEVER needed to practice anything resembling the big 'D'.

This weekend, I took the opportunity to go run around the cross country course for a bit. He was FANTASTIC. Could not have been a better horse (minus one reminder right at the beginning of the ride that he does have a brain, and yes, it is connected to the rest of his body). He breezed over the preliminary questions and felt wonderful - and I was thinking maybe I just shouldn't ever jump him either, since we haven't been over a jump in at least a couple of weeks. Just as I was pulling up to finish, I felt a funny step. Several steps later, another funny step. I looked over to my ground person (and student extraordinaire), Sarah, and said, "I think we are missing a shoe".

Of course he was, and off his bad foot too. I have no idea where he pulled it, as the footing is a bit funny in places in that field, but nothing too worrisome. Oh well, back to buying stock in Duct Tape and Vet Wrap while I wait for my farrier to give me a ring back. I do believe something needs to change in his feet management for sure!

But I'm still very happy with how he felt -- actually it's more like SUPER excited/relieved/ecstatic/etc... but I'll keep those feelings to myself, and say "yes, he was quite good."


Until next time when "As the shoe falls saga" continues...

Ciao, ciao!


FishermansDaughter said...

Ever considered taking him barefoot? I ride endurance (60+ miles per week) and none of my horses wear shoes.

Cass said...

He does go barefoot over the winter -- with his TB feet, the pounding of eventing and the occasional need for studs means I have to throw shoes on him for competition season. The move from the midwest to the humid moisture of the east coast is where we have problems with his feet coming apart.