Friday, October 16, 2009

So Fresh and So Fly

Ugh, yucky weather!

North Carolina must have skipped Fall somewhere and went straight for nasty. Although Ted was planning ahead and grew his winter coat in early September, poor P-monster didn't have time to. Now he's spending his nights bundled up since he gets uber-cranky when he's cold. :)

P got to spend a couple of well-deserved days off, and went on a brief hack yesterday (it was quite 'brisk' too - he's still quite full of himself). We get to do a nice trail ride tomorrow with some fellow riders, so here's to hoping the monster behaves himself while among company!

Anyway... not much to report, so I figured I'd post some of the lovely pics taken by Hoof Clix ( from last weekend. Really like it when the Hoof Clix crew is around because you're pretty much guaranteed some good shots!


Veronica Lodge said...

Such a lovely horse!

Cass said...

thanks Veronica! I think I'll keep him ;)