Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sharing the weath... or something.

There is one things that I really enjoy about my experience with horses, and that's being able to 'play' instructor to others. I LOVE teaching, and honestly, the reason I think that I have fairly good success with it is because I've done it wrong so much, I know what they're going through and probably have an idea of how to correct it (or at least NOT how to correct it).

With the little kids, I feel like the most important thing is for them to experience the thrill, excitement and freedom that comes from having a relationship with a horse.

I feel a personal connection with each and every one of my students and their horses. I take their ups and downs just as if they're mine...

Which is why I love it when they send me pics like the following. Can you tell she loves being around the horses? :)

Cantering on the lunge

Whylie and Sydney

Sydney and Prophet

Lunging over poles (on Prophet)


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