Monday, November 16, 2009

Ah, the sun...

After a long week of Ida - induced clouds, we thankfully saw the sun this weekend. With no shows are clinics on the schedule, I found myself spending a lot of time in the sandbox.

On Saturday I had a much need light day with one lesson and one horse to ride. We all celebrated in the arena when, after a very long, dark week, the clouds parted and the sun shown down on us! That night Kristin, Sarah and I enjoyed the Grand Prix jumping at the fairgrounds. Too bad that Kristin was so sick that her glassy eyes made her look like she was crying the whole night! No more crying though cause she got a job! Yay!

Sunday morning, J-bomb took me to a nice breakfast (Biscuitville, anyone?) before I had to start my long day of teaching.

First off, I had to make the hard decision to let a client know that maybe we needed to seek other avenues of help for her horse, as I wasn't making the progress he needs. Things like that are always tough to admit, but it was definitely right for everyone.

Then my little girls at Kims had a fun day of doing emergency dismounts! Poor Wiley pulled a shoe AND rolled in fire ants, so little Buddy stepped up and taught he very first lessons! Everyone had fun launching off him at the walk and even the trot, and I'm sore this morning from giving 1000 leg-ups. :) Good time was had by all.

Prophet is still taking it easy, although he's frustrating me a bit at the moment. I think there is a combination of about 10 things that have made him quite body sore, and I'm trying to knock them out one at a time. It's tough though! I just want him to feel better. :(

On a happier note, here's some images from the C-Horse team, taken over the last couple of weeks (thanks to all the parents/students who let me steal their pics!).

Prophet and the Gasias

Carlie loving on Wiley after a job well done

Finished with First Dressage Test EVER!

Last minute instructions

Maggie riding our one-eyed monster, Brewer. :)

Yes, I took off my half chaps so have on crazy white socks...
This is Sydney on Buddy working on emergency dismounts.

More emergency dismounts... I wasn't kidding when I said there were 100's of leg-ups! We also worked on led-ups from the 'off' side. You never realize how tricky this is until you try it!

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