Thursday, November 12, 2009

No pics or video yet, but...

Everyone did fantastic at the dressage show last weekend. I survived the weekend of running around like a chicken with minimal sleep lost, and all was wonderful!

Saturday morning rolled around with morning lessons to teach and horses to ride. A quick rush back to my farm to throw the P-monster on the trailer and head to Amanda Miller's Falcon Park for the Stueart Pittman clinic. P's still a bit foot sore, but he was a champ none-the-less... actually too much so.

This is the problem I run into with P. He's not brilliant, but you really can't find a place to fault him. He does what's in front of him. "Preliminary table, ok. In the water, out of water, banks, pimples, corners... whatever, it's cool." Here in-lies the problem -I end up getting barely anything out of some lessons. I literally was not told anything other than, "he's nice." HELLO! I want to make him MORE nice! Help me out! Stuart was a lovely instructor and I saw much improvements around me, but I like it when people tell me what I'm doing wrong, whether it be with my position, my approach to the fences or my horse - I want to know - I just didn't get that...

But I was very happy with my horse.

I had to quickly load him back up and shoot him off into the pasture at home to go teach a couple of more lessons and head to the grand prix with friends... great fun!!

Sunday morning came early with P-man back in the trailer and heading to Whinstone Farm for his walk-test debut with my student Sydney. I promise to post pics and the video cause it was so cute -- and NO drugs. :) After the girls were done showing, P served as a mighty fine babysitter to the entourage, letting them graze, lead, groom, pick-feet, and just about everything else... who knew my big-bad event horse was a softy at heart?

My perfect lesson horse, Wiley stole the judges hearts by doing a wide variety of walk-trot and Training level tests throughout the morning. All of my girls were fantastic, putting in stellar tests on a less-then-enthusiastic Wiley. I'd much rather him be like that then crazy though! Great first dressage show for all the girls, for sure!

I didn't get left out of the fun for the day, with Buddy being entered in his debut dressage test also. He tried really hard for a pony whose life was all about western until a few months ago. He's turned it around and for his 3rd ride of being asked to go in the bridle, he was VERY good! Only one minor spaz moment in the ring which came from me warming him up way too long.

From the show, I went on to do more lessons and finally got home to rest and enjoy a nice dinner out with John (who had videoed at the show ALL morning and then went and pick up 50 bales of hay for me! He deserved a dinner out!).

Fairly light weekend this weekend. It's going to be even lighter if Ida keeps pouring on us like she's done for the last couple of days... my client's rings are gonna be ponds!

P's best friend, Tina (physiotherapist, Equine Edge) is staying with us this week, so hopefully we'll have a chance to work on his back this evening. Promise to post pics and video of the show when I get them!

Think Forward! Ciao, ciao!

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