Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Drying out and unthawing - and ramping back up

I guess that would be thawing... not unthawing -- Talk good, I do. :)

Anyway... I couldn't be more proud! Although I have clients in several different disciplines, and I take each of their victories very personally, it's nice whenever someone does what I do - it feels like someone is following in my footsteps. :)

SO..... Sarah and Arnie completed their first 3-phase event at Five County! AND she finished on her dressage score!!!! The eventing gods wanted to break her in the right way with a gloomy morning, that gave way to pouring rains and gusty winds. Her dressage test was lovely (although I truly wonder if the judge saw the same test as I did), albiet the arena was 1/2 under water, and Arnie nearly turned his butt to the wind during her first halt. Cross country was AWESOME. At this event, they allowed the WHJB competitors to have a coach on Cross Country, so I literally got to run around with her -- but in all reality, she didn't need me. Her and Arnie were fantastic! Who knew that little halter-bred quarter horse would love to trot logs so much? Show jumping was also fantastic with beautifully painted jumps and tough turns, but they pulled thru with a clean round and a lovely yellow ribbon!

We tested out the trucks 4-wheel drive in order to get out of the field (and it passed!), and went home to dry out, thaw and sleep!

This week, Prophet has started back undersaddle, although he's still a bit short. I love the early sunrise in the mornings because I can get out and ride, give P a nice massage and get to work. P thinks that we need to focus WAY more time on the massaging and less time on the riding. :)

This weekend will be a busy one again with P and I riding in the Stuart Pittman Clinic on Saturday at Falcon Park and three of my girls attending their first dressage show on Sunday! P will be making his walk-test debut with Sydney and I will be riding the paint pony, Buddy, in his first dressage test ever!

More updates to come!

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Kristin said...

Thanks for all your kind words about Sarah. I couldn't be more proud either! My girl and my boy are amazing, I think Arnie missed his calling. Now shes got the eventing "fever". God help us all!!!