Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ok, Rain... we need to talk.

... I am hereby breaking up with you. Round up your doom and gloom and get out, you won't be bringing me down anymore.

Ok, so I live on a hill. At the TOP of a hill, and my back yard is holding water. Did I say I live at the TOP of a hill? I do. It's that bad. My poor ponies are stuck out in the rain and wind, being the feral ponies that they are. I feel so bad, but can't do anything about it. Luckily it's only a little bit bitterly cold.

But P's probably enjoying the lack of riding, although I really want to get on him to run through what we worked on with my mom. Can't wait!

And now for some seriously exciting news...

I'm now taking clients as the instructor/trainer at the Jordan Lake Equestrian Center. Their website is currently under construction, but I will definitely post it when it's up. The place is AMAZING with 14 stalls, wash stall, Nike footing in the arena, full course, AND.... stadium lights! It looks beautiful all lit up at night. Absolutely stunning. I can't wait to get P over there and jump around a bit.

For anyone that's interested, we are offering an introduction package for lessons where, when you buy 5, you get a 6th one FREE!

Anyway, I will have more updates about Jordan Lake later... and hopefully more updates about how the rain has let up a allowed me to ride!

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